Image Animation: The Rise of Dynamic Content Photographer!

We hear a lot about dynamic content, but have you heard about Dynamic Content Photographer? The first ever person I came across with such a tagline below his name is Troy Christopher Plota, founder of Plotaverse. 

I was curious about what it meant. He tried to explain it to me, though I could not get the full depth of it at that moment! It was a period when I was trying to find a niche to set up and step up my career as a Photographer. 

It took me a few more months and several client experiences before I realised his message! Image Animation is a passport for still photographers to make an entry into the world of video, which at the moment rules social media.

The massive movement of image animation popularised by Plotaverse has created not only a new crop of Motion Artists but a new breed of Photographers as well who work for clients enabling customised production.

Anyone with a decent mobile phone camera coupled with the aid of Plotaverse or Plotaverse Artists can become a Dynamic Content Photographer.

It is definitely worth trying!