Meow! Copycats: Are they worthy of any respect?

Someone must be doing so great, that it lured the cats to copy them. But how does it sound when the copy claims itself better than the original? I laugh my head off at that!

Copycats are all over. They stray around, steal original ideas, make use of the impact created in the community by genuine innovative minds.

For them, cunningness replaces creativity and creative vision is replaced with greed for money. They dump products and services without any soul attached. 

What has to be noted is that copycats get funding from VCs or investment firms who have no capacity to take the risk in unchartered waters and who aim to make quick money by making use of someone else’s years-long hard work. Anyone heard about “ethics” there?!

I always believe there exists a system in society. It lets the original minds to thrive by continuous improvisations while filtering out the fake ones who lack passion, vision and credibility. 

Final word, the original always wins! It is really worth to be in the winning team, whichever the genre you happen to be!