Anything that loops is not a Cinemagraph!

Cinemagraph does not need any introduction. We have come across so many of them. But can we call all looping videos by the name cinemagraph? If we do so, I suppose this could be a branding error taking its toll on the community,!

In my observation, attempts to label the art form as creating “Photographs having life” only helped to confuse the  audience
 to tag all photographs that are being animated today as Cinemagraphs.

It is absolutely true that the result of this amazing technique has more still elements within an active motion frame. However, for this reason, the generic character of a brilliant video editing process should not let to be altered into image animation, which is an entirely different genre that is currently being led by Plotaverse suit of apps. 

To me, cinemagraph is an art that creates ceaseless visuals, gripping the viewers’ attention eternally.

Though am a Plotagrapher by profession, I often go for creating cinemagraphs and stay connected with a few awesome Artists who come out to help in my creative process. It is such interactions that made me realise the volume of homework, precision to details of the motion and efforts that go behind each cinemagraph project. Professional results demand professional video shooting set up and a team. Hope that says it all about the cost and demands of quality production! 

What an irony to note those brilliant artists’ creations to be counted as “photos that move”, while other looping videos and gifs, as “cinemagraphs!” I sincerely hope serious Cinemagraph artists would soon shift their emphasis to the characteristic perpetual motion frames they create. That might help gain the art form deserving honour and clear identity among the swarm of gifs and graphics!