Seeing is believing: What reviewSOCIAL found in Enlight’s gallery!

The post featured here is as seen in the Instagram gallery of Enlight Pixaloop, who tries to copy Plotaverse. It also carried a call to action message to the viewer, suggesting to learn creative ways to move fabric and patterns!

Obviously, it was an interesting bait and I jumped in only to realise sooner that the message was only a marketing gimmick. If Enlight would be sincerely calling what they feature as their creative results, a quick visit to Plotaverse gallery would be a true eye opener.

I don’t intend to find fault with the aesthetics or belittle the artist who made the post, as I respect his/her freedom of expression. It is also not my purpose to vaunt either my skills as a Plotagrapher or the capabilities of Plotaverse suit of apps, which is my favourite go-to software for making Plotagraphs.

My point is to highlight the practice of companies like Enlight, stooping so low to spread misleading information in their frenzy to make money. Am afraid to say that such strategies followed by copycat apps will lead only to corrupt the audience and Motion Art will lose its charm under a flood of poor quality stuff looping around. Or is it exactly what they want, for they have nothing much to lose in terms of investments, time or labour since they simply copied a successful technology.

However, I wondered how the same image will look like if plotagraphed and glad to post that version too! By the way, I love this beautiful image by Melika Dez. She is an acclaimed Photographer from Montreal, well known for Movement photography.

Seeing is believing. Enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts.

Plotagraph Made by Javo

Footnote: It has to be noted that the description below the post in Enlight’s gallery is so well worded, that if anyone raises a mismatch between what is written and what is displayed, still Enlight may hold the ground that they were only offering creative ways to “move” fabrics and patterns! Well, yes, uhm.. it moves, what else to expect from a copycat app! What do you think?!